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We want everyone who to live well and enjoy the experience of living in an ordinary home with people who choose each other. 

We are the UK's leading network for Shared Lives carers, schemes and Homeshare schemes. Through them we promote shared living across the UK, tackle loneliness and offer independence, belonging and personal choice - things we take for granted until we need that bit of extra support.

Shared Lives carers have room in their hearts and homes to share them with someone who needs support and is consistently rated 96% good or outstanding by the Care Quality Commission - the best of all social care.

Homeshare brings together someone who would like company or help around the house with someone looking for affordable accomodation. 

We help our members get on with the job of living, through offering best practice, insurance and legal advice. We also support over 5,000 Shared Lives carers and 150 local Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare schemes who join our UK quality assurance framework. 

Shared Lives carers across the UK support people who need help with their healthmental healthlearning disabilitydomestic violenceparents in careyoung people and older people - if you need extra support and want to stay in your community, Shared Lives could be for you. 

Become a Shared Lives carer, take a look if you are a health or social care professional, or grow Shared Lives in your area 

Meet the housemates with the 68 year age gap - Homeshare

Florence is 95. She's partially sighted, an RAF veteran, and used to be a keen tennis player. She also has a 27-year-old housemate called Alexandra. Their film has been watched 25 million times.

Florence said, "I desperately needed company when my husband passed away". She was one of nine million adults in the UK who say they are often, or always, lonely.

By chance, she came across homesharing in the letters page of a newspaper. Homeshare aims to tackle loneliness by matching older people looking for companionship with a younger person in need of somewhere to live. Read more on BBC News

We are the UK network for Homeshare schemes and provide quality assurance, best practice and help schemes develop across the UK. Set up a Homeshare scheme near you

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Join us as a Member for Shared Lives carers' support, insurance, legal and benefits advice and back up when you need it, as well as lots of everyday perks - such as discount shopping and mortgages 

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Become a Shared Lives carer

Jan Garvey wales

Shared Lives carers open up their homes and family lives to include a young person or adult who needs extra support to live well.

You might have experience from healthcare, working in the community or with disabled people, or just have common sense and be an open, caring person looking for a new challenge.

Shared Lives carers come from all walks of life and don’t need qualifications or experience, just the right attitude and a willingness to truly share their lives with another person.

"It’s very special being able to make a difference to someone. We’ve grown as a family, everyone gets involved!” Shared Lives carer, Gwynedd, Wales

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Shared Lives in my area

Shared Lives plus has projects throughout the UK.

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Shared Lives at the Heart of Health

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